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A few of the membership features...


Take the fear and confusion out of preparedness while at the same time becoming more confident in your future.


Bulk up your long-term food storage quickly, and do it without breaking the bank. All members get discount prices.


From Prepping 101 to First Aid, you will find all the prepping information you need to develop a good preparedness plan.


Because there is so much involved with preparedness, you are bound to have questions, and we're here to help.


At the B.O.L. we do live events exclusively for members. Join the chat and ask the questions you want answered.


During our 10 years at the B.O.L. we have created a great prepping community. We have members at all levels of preparedness.

Let Us Help You Build Your Individual Preparedness Plan

I hate to admit it...

But I used to be one of “Those People” totally unprepared without a care in the world and not concerned at all about the problems around me, with my heads buried in the sand and completely oblivious.

So What Changed?

I DID! I have seen how fragile life is and I've have seen how everything can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye. I want to be ready for everything and prepared for anything that the future might bring.

It's Simple...We can't afford to take our safety for granted any longer.

Ask Yourself What If...

“As you reach into your cupboard to grab the last can of soup you suddenly get punched in the gut by the realization that you are going to have to do something soon or you and your family will not last another week.”

“You have felt this coming for a while now but you didn’t listen to your heart. Now people are rioting in the streets, looting and you are left feeling lost and helpless.”

Whether you are buying supplies or learning what gives you the best chance to survive any disaster situation you might face, we offer it here at the b.o.l.

Become a Member of The Bug Out Location for 30 Days Risk Free

Comes With A 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee...

If you are not satisfied with the Bug Out Location for ANY reason, contact us personally (via email) within the first 30 days from purchase, and we'll happily process your refund. So what are you still waiting for? Choose a plan above and join today!

the bug out location just keeps growing!

From Courses, to Giveaways, to Webinars & Livestreams, There Is Always Something New Going on at the B.O.L.

Legacy Foods

Bulk up your long-term food storage quickly, and do it without breaking the bank. All members get discount prices

Live Events

At the B.O.L. we do live events exclusively for members. Join the chat and ask the questions you want answered.

Prepping Courses

We already have a number of prepping courses here at the B.O.L. and we have plans on creating a few more.

Weekly Updates

From weekly live videos to periodic live events, there’s always something new to look forward to at the B.O.L.

Coaching Sessions

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t find the answer you are looking for, we’re here to help.


We have an ever growing list of prepping and survival resources like audio files, PDF’s and Word documents.

Becoming Better Prepared Doesn't Need to Be Overwhelming

To be honest, you can find almost everything you need to know about preparedness on the internet. The B.O.L. makes everything easier because it's all in one spot, there is no searching for "that one article" and you can go at your own pace.

What is Prepping & Being Prepared?

What is it that makes us feel the need to prepare for different disasters? And at what age do we start to realize that life can, and will, throw curveballs at us? In this video, we talk about what has made us preppers, how long of a disaster we should be prepared for, and why the basics of prepping just makes sense.

Take a Sneak Peak Inside the B.O.L.

We have quite a few videos inside the preparedness academy, along with other files for you to download. The Prepping courses teach you what you need, and the worksheets help you stay organized to maintain your preparedness level. 

Learn From Experts

When we interview big names in the preparedness community, we bring them on to do an exclusive live video for members only.

Go At Your Own Pace

Everyone is different, and here at the B.O.L. you can go as quickly as you want or take your time. There's always something more.

Continuous Updates

Weekly livestreams, guest interviews, and adding to courses, we are always trying to make the B.O.L. bigger and better.

Awesome Resources

When we find something that we think is beneficial for preppers, we post it here for members to read or download.

"I really enjoy being a part of this group. Myself, along with my brother Joshua and his wife are new to prepping. We’ve found many ways this site and the people on it have helped us to progress, learning and sharing ideas, suggesting useful items and giving helpful tips. I can't say how much I love this site!"

Heather S

"As a Soldier with multiple deployments I am severely impressed with the vast amount of skillsets brought to bear in this group of highly motivated and intelligent people. The amount of helpful people and those wanting information serves as a inspiration on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that by being a part of this group I have learned something or helped someone everyday. They say “many hands make light work” and when it comes to prepping we have many hands."

Travis S

"Being the lone prepper of the family and not having anyone to discuss things with, this site has been a godsend. I feel free to share what I have learned or what I am doing and I don’t feel embarrassed to ask things I do not know.

I love that we all are in different stages of preparedness with all different types of skills and knowledge but we are all willing to share with one another. I’m excited to see where the future takes this group of like minded people."

Vicky B

What members Say

"It is nice to find a community of like minded people, who are warm welcoming and open to share their ideas and thoughts.

I have been a prepper mostly all my life and this site lets me discuss that and more without being labeled crazy. I recommend this page for newbies and seasoned preppers!"

Mike R

" I've been actively prepping for around 3 years and Survivalist Prepper was one of the first places that I found. Dale and Lisa provide an excellent grounding to the many various topics of prepping and the community that has build up around them over the years on the private Facebook group is extremely unique, friendly and a great wealth of knowledge."

Ian M

"To anyone interested at all in joining I would highly recommend it! We are new to prepping and at first a little timid, that was soon to subdue once we were welcomed with open arms to this group. Everyone in this group has prepping at core and that is the key to a great community, I am glad to say that I am a part of something so great! "

Sean N Jamie

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Wait To View All The Content?

Some websites make you wait a certain amount of time until some of the content “unlocks”, we don’t do that here.

We don’t want to force anyone to stick around waiting to see what the new content is, we want to make the B.O.L. worth sticking around for, and give you access to everything right off the bat.

How Do I Order Wholesale Products?

Members of the Bug Out Location will get discounted prices at our online store the SHTFShop.com

The products listed here are retail prices, but we will set up a coupon code for the discounted price when a member wants to order something.

I Have Been Prepping for a While. How Will the B.O.L. Benefit Me?

While we do have quite a few introductory prepping courses, the B.O.L. has something to offer everyone. Our weekly live videos cover the basics and the "next level prepping" as we call it. In these videos, we like to talk more about WHY we should be preparing rather than WHAT we need.

We also have several resources and downloads to help with inventory, rotation, and worksheets to help you build a good preparedness plan.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Membership?

Absolutely. From your profile page, navigate to the "Update My Membership" link, and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account.

How Do Coaching Sessions Work?

While we can't outline a specific preparedness plan you should follow, we can give you advice and tips on the best course of action for your needs. Everyone is different, and contrary to popular belief, there is no "prepping blueprint."

How Is the New Version of the B.O.L. Different Than the Original?

We decided to create a new version of the B.O.L. (formerly The Academy) because it was made when we first started online, and it became very cluttered. Everything here is easier to navigate and better organized. I also needed to update some of the courses, and doing that at the old Academy would have just added to the clutter.

In short, The B.O.L. is easy to navigate, up to date, and allows us to communicate more with you.

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